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Mirror Protocol
Synthetics protocol for on-chain price exposure to real-world assets.

Dear Mirror Community,

Mirror Protocol has continued to grow steadily over this past month, its demand marked by the listing of $MIR on a number of exchanges, such as Kraken, Bitfinex, and WazirX. With the addition of each new asset, such as $DOT, $SQ, $AMD, and $ARKK, Mirror takes steps towards its vision towards mirroring everything under the moon. Furthermore, the integration of mAssets into protocols such as Nebula, PlasmaPay, and PhutureDao proves the value of its inherently composable design.

Additionally, we would be remiss to not mention the excellent contributions of community members such as @alphaDefi_ and @danku_r in providing historical data

Dear Mirror Community,

The release of Mirror V2 this past month marked a significant step for Mirror Protocol. The protocol has seen growth on a number of fronts, from protocol design expanding to include limit orders and sLP tokens, to improved governance design incentives. The Mirror community has burgeoned, consistently providing valuable input and suggestions, which are constantly being reviewed and implemented to continuously improve Mirror. The last several months have been exciting, but with new features for V3 already being brainstormed, they are only the beginning of an era.

Mirror Milestones & Governance

  • Mirror Testnet launches to give users the opportunity to experience V2 & provide…

Mirror V1: Key Milestones

In six short months since the launch of Mirror V1 in December 2020, Mirror Protocol has proven to be one of the most versatile protocols, with mAssets serving as the building blocks of a number of other protocols, such as Set Protocol, Injective Protocol, and Nebula.

During that period, Mirror crossed 2 billion in TVL and 1 billion in liquidity secured by Band Protocol oracles, making Mirror a top 15 DeFi protocol and leading cross-chain protocol. …

Dear Mirror Community,

MIR has celebrated a number of listings on prominent exchanges over the course of the last few weeks: Binance, Huobi, Poloniex,, Coinbase, and KuCoin Futures. On the governance end of things, mGLXY has been listed on Mirror, with mDOGE on its way, having passed the initial whitelisting phase. Mirror has also partnered with a number of protocols, including Ramp DeFi, Beefy Finance, NerveFinance, and Pickle Finance.

In addition to Mirror Wallet for mobile, Mirror’s integration with WalletConnect enables users who have Terra Station mobile to access full Mirror functionality (including claiming weekly MIR airdrops) on mobile. …

Dear Mirror Community,

Thanks to continual community support and invaluable feedback over the last six months since launch, Mirror Protocol is now preparing to launch V2. Mirror has also celebrated some impressive milestones: surpassing $2B in TVL and $1B in liquidity, becoming a top 15 DeFi protocol; releasing Coinbase (mCOIN) as the newest mirrored asset; $MIR being listed on Binance and Huobi; and certainly not least, the introduction of limit orders on Mirror.

With the upcoming introduction of Mirror V2, we look forward to seeing Mirror Protocol continue to flourish under the governance of the Mirror community!

Mirror Milestones

Dear Mirror Community,

Mirror has been steadily growing in adoption, with TVL nearly doubling over the past few weeks ($800M → $1.5B) and liquidity doubling as well ($360M → $740M). New assets are continually voted on, with whitelisted assets added — mSPY (S&P 500) index being the latest addition to mirrored assets. Mirror is continually becoming more user-friendly and efficient — with the period required to whitelist an asset significantly shortened and the collateral ratio lowered to 130% (for certain assets).

Set Protocol has launched a custom FAANG index set comprised of mAssets, which speaks to the composability of mAssets…

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a custom FAANG set developed using the industry-leading index tools by Set Protocol, the Ethereum-based protocol for standard, tokenized asset baskets. The FAANG set will be composed of 5 major tech equity mAssets on Mirror — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google!

You can now buy an equally weighted tokenized basket of major tech equities derived from Mirror Protocol on Terra via Ethereum’s Uniswap. Eligible non-U.S. users can also interact with the FAANG set from the TokenSets protocol directly, similar to how the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) currently operates on the protocol. …

Dear Mirror Community,

February was an epic month for Mirror, with the GameStop saga bringing in users seeking decentralized alternatives to Robinhood. In terms of numbers, we saw TVL on Mirror first cross 200M UST, then celebrated reaching 500M UST, and now have over 800M in UST now locked on Mirror, all within 3 months of launch! We’ve had a few more events to celebrate, so let’s jump right in.

Mirror Milestones

Welcome to the first Mirror Protocol Community Update. Mirror’s community is proving to be extremely vibrant and everything Mirror has accomplished this month is a direct result of community initiative (and the development team implementing the initiatives, of course).

Starting with growth in numbers, Mirror’s TVL has tripled over the past month, currently at $330 MILLION within two months of launch. On average, 30,000 transactions are conducted and $36M in assets are traded on a 24H basis. The community pool holds over 36M MIR (or over $200M at time of writing). …

We’re thrilled to announce that Mirror will be participating in Mask Network’s second Initial Twitter Offering (ITO), with mTSLA the featured synthetic equity.

In light of recent events involving WallStreetBets and Robinhood, which dominated the discourse on Twitter last week, we’re excited to offer mTSLA through Mask Network on Twitter. The ITO will grant exposure to the power of Mirrored Assets (mAssets) to a social media audience anxiously anticipating an alternative to conventional trading apps like Robinhood.

Permissionless access for users worldwide, synthetic assets, no censorship of trading — all without leaving Twitter. …

Mirror Protocol

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